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ED MR flagged off 1st LSHS TT

01/02/2018KS CHAUDHARY

Events at Refinery is a Reception Venue in Champaign

ED MR flagged off 1st LSHS TT on 31.01.2018 It was a great moment for Mathura Marketing Terminal when Shri L.W.Khongwir, ED, Mathura Refinery flagged off the first tank truck loaded with LSHS (Premium) on 31st January 2018 in the presence of Shri B.C. Joshi, GM (MC) and Shri K. S. Chaudhary, CTM, MMT. Shri Gautam Dasgupta, Indrajeet Kumar, Shri B S Pachehra from Mathura Refinery and Shri SCS Chouhan, Shri Sanjay Sharma, Shri Rishabh Bhatia, Shri Pradeep Kumar, Shri Atul Kumar Meena and other officers of MMT and PWU representatives from Mathura Marketing Complex were also present on this occasion. Subsequent to the orders of the Supreme Court of India, the sale and use of Furnance Oil was completely stopped in the states of UP, Haryana, Delhi-NCR and Rajasthan. The sale of FO ex- MMT has gone down by more than 50 % since the ban on sale and usage of FO was imposed. To meet the demands of such customers as well to comply pollution control norms of the fuel used by the customers to meet their energy requirements, Mathura Refinery has now produced LSHS (Premium) which contains less than 1% of the sulphur content as against 4 % in FO. Launching of LSHS by Mathura Refinery showcases Indian Oil’s commitment towards pollution control and environmental sustainability. Now the customers who were using FO for meeting their energy requirements will start use of LSHS. Mathura refinery is expected to produce about 15 TMT of LSHS per month. Mathura Marketing Terminal will cater to the requirements of all the customers located in Delhi-NCR and in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan and UP. Customers and transporters have appreciated the efforts of Indian Oil to find an early solution of the problems faced by them subsequent to the ban imposed by the Supreme Court on sale and use of Furnance Oil in above states.

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